Stronger brand image through increased customer satisfaction

Usability testing gives you direct input on how real users experience your product

It is an irreplaceable part of assuring the quality of your product

But what and how?


stability testing helps the software vendor to see user reactions and possible areas of improvement before the application goes live. Usability is an element that greatly depends on the methods by which software design and development are created. 6MTech takes an iterative approach to usability testing and dives deep into the world of your web / desktop / mobile application, to ensure that your customers get the best possible user experience.
Through our systematic testing strategies we can improve your customers’ user-experience, providing real, concrete, benefits to your customer and you. You can save in post-sale costs, and benefit from a stronger brand image through increased customer satisfaction by partnering with 6MTech.

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Holistic view

Benefit of having number of customers in different sectors is that we can bring all that collective experience about best practises for user interface and usability design testing to you.
Our methods, built around principles such as usability, business objectives, interactivity, give us the opportunity utilize the right combination of usability testing techniques to adapt into your specific business environment.

We will deliver a complete holistic view on your software application, by analysing and benchmarking weak areas and suggesting ways to improve:

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  • Information architecture

    Intuitive navigation structure and search functions, which result in an understandable presentation

  • Visual design

    • Presentation, visual readability, fully functional layout
    • Fast application learnability

  • Workflows and interactions

    • Review of the workflow logic
    • Effectiveness of the application, the identification and elimination of unnecessary operations
    • Intuitive application usability testing
    • Fast response time, the continuity of the process,
    • Fault tolerance and availability of the feedback system


Make it an experience

People will forget what you said.
People will forget what you did
But people will never forget how you made them feel

“I would like to formally thank the team at 6MTech for all of their efforts over the years in SIP Testing. The reporting of issues and system functionality were swift and accurate. The team’s actions in determining system performance and their responsiveness toward quickly changing and short term requests were exceptional. Thank You everyone on the 6MTech team for all your hard work and a job well done!”
“We are grateful for all the hard work you put into our projects and especially to your ability to adapt to new customer and project environments. Talking about agile company. Thank you all!”
“After our pilot project (4 years ago) was finished, 1 month before schedule, we moved all our ongoing project to 6MTech. Decision was simple. The level and range of skills their staff poses is mind blowing. The dedication and extra input of the team really came as a surprise. We have not met any another company who offers this high level of service and especially for this price! Now our developers fix the reported bugs in the morning and continue coding. We have experienced drop on time of production and cost + on average we have 91% decline on errors before beta tests.”

Usability as well. Test Early and Test Often.

Even usability not afterthought. It is integrated part of development that keeps it on track. Further the development proceeds the more time and money will it take to change something. Even the prettiest design, or most awesome idea will save you product if its usability is disliked.
When done right, you not only get better results for lower price but avoid costly and time consuming repair work.
So what do you say if we help you to get your project done in time and in budget? how about it?

You can plan and design. Build and develop a Perfect application. But make sure your target group love it.

Usability testing is an investment that ensures your reputation.
Lets do it Right!

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