Flawless market entry for Start-Ups. Nail your 1st impression.

One shot is all it takes to go down or to Make It!

Your choice.

You get to Do it once, so do it right.
Testing, when done right, is the base you build your Brand name on. Not a cost.

Start- and continue -Up

Are you an early stage start-up?

With co-founders working and developing the product? Or have a small team of up to 5-10 developers focused on scaling? Great!
Here is what we expect you must be thinking when someone talks about TESTING…

      • Testing… our developers would do that in house
      • Testing… we are still developing, why do we need it now, maybe later
      • Testing… we need to cut the budget, testing is unaffordable at the moment
      • Testing… we don’t see any bugs in the application. We don’t need that now
      • Testing… we are too occupied, don’t want to think about it right now

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, those thoughts are seriously limiting your chances of success.

Testing is in the core of any software development rather than a necessary evil at the end. Testing ensures quality, and quality is how you stand out.

An application full of bugs and inconsistencies will be detrimental to your image.

That’s why quality assurance should be part of your routines from day one. It has been proven that the best results can be achieved when an independent and unbiased party performs the testing. Sometimes it’s just impossible to see things straight from too close. And it’s not even too expensive!

6MTech Start-Up Package

We actually understand your needs inside and out and have experience working with dozens of start-ups.

We have created a Start-Up Package with your limited funding in mind.

Ask us about it

What we can provide:

      • Test engineers at a reasonable price
      • Free Independent testing environment with well tested platforms (hardware + software + configurations)
      • Free Test Management and bug management tools
      • Benefit from the best practices and have a new window to your application
      • All your individual testing needs at one place (functionality + performance + browser and platform compatibility etc).