Time for QA Services to finally catch up with development

QA and Software Testing services are Far from the sophistication level of software development and engineering. If they were even close to the same stage of development, there would be no more than a fraction of bugs and defects existing today. Programs would be functioning as they were designed to.
There are several factors contributing to this imbalance between Development and Quality Assurance. One of the major ones is that generally QA and testing is done by developers. Same brave men and women who are creating the code.
So QA is treated in the same way as development. But developing software and testing it are very different by nature. Same principles and methodologies of development applied to QA are faulty and dysfunctional from the very beginning. No matter how good your developers are.
Even from psychological perspective, one is blind to his/her own mistakes. When the code is observed by a fresh pair of eyes by someone who is specialized in finding errors, defects and mistakes, will the found bug percentage will significantly increase. Development of functioning programs => Brand Reputation.

Why Are We The Best?

Our Company Mission
To enhance the user experience of computing by ensuring the development of functioning programs.
The more you focus, the more you develop
You do the dev. We’ll do the testing. Our team of testing engineers will master and execute all testing and QA for you – to save your time and resources. Why would you pay ever-raising salaries to your developers to do Out of Scope tasks?
Reduce the cost AND increase productivity
We give you a team of experts who will handle all your QA tasks, so that you can focus on coding. We test faster, we cost less and we deliver the Highest of Quality. Let’s repeat: Focus is the Key! High-paid directors do not waste time on delivering company mail, even if they could. Focus!
You Buy Information
Testing = communicating.
Presenting Information, not just raw data.
We present our findings to you so clearly that it is understood, not just received. That is when information becomes valuable.
Information is everything!

Global presence of 6MTech


Time Zone Productivity

W ith the team in different time zones, your development never stops.

When your coders are recharging, we are working. You will quite literally have your team working 24/7 on your product. It does not get any more productive than that!

Brand Reputation

So, what is the currency of your quality? Money or reputation?

9 out of 10 consumers (88%) have negative feelings about Brands with poorly performing websites and mobile apps. Those feelings are not representative of the Site or the App itself, but rather how users feel about the Brand behind the app.
- SOASTA June 18, 2013

Lead. Don’t follow

Rapidly evolving requirements coupled with a reduced product development life cycle has increased the risk of application deployment before a product is ready for the market.
But you need to keep up with your competitors. So you run the risk of releasing a faulty program. Just as they do.
Would it makes sense to change this potentially destructive pattern? Think about it.



Test Process Management

  • Test Planning
  • Test Case Development
  • Execution
  • Bug Reporting
  • Documentation
  • Test Process Establishment

Testing Services

  • Functional
  • Sanity
  • Regression
  • Integration
  • Smoke
  • System
  • User Acceptance

Test Environment Management

  • Operating Systems
  • Browsers
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Networks and Tools

Consulting Services

  • Test Strategy
  • Tools Selection Strategy
  • Test Process Establishments
  • Custom Trainings

Categorized Services

  • Website testing
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Web Application Testing
  • Social Media Testing
  • Database Testing
  • Business Flow Testing
  • Enterprise Application Testing

Specialized Services

  • Functional
  • Performance
  • Usability
  • Security
  • Automation
  • Platform Compatibility