Turkka Hynynen
Turkka HynynenVP & Founder

Turkka is the technical side of the brain (analytical) with a decade of experience in global QA projects and organizations.

“If it is not in the specs it is as good as not planned at all”

I am all about improving the testing process and am a passionate advocate of test driven development.

I am a mediator, problem solver, analytical thinker.
While others go for what to do, I go for how to do it.
I plan, I implement. I finish the things others start.

I do not like idling around. I need to have something going on be it however small.

I feel most alive when things are getting done and going forward.
I however live for the results above all.
At the end of the day I want to see having something done.

Jarkko Huttunen
Jarkko HuttunenPresident & Founder

Jarkko is the business side of the brain (Creative) with a decade of experience in running, setting up and re-organizing corporations around the globe.

A few words:
I’m good at refining existing solutions, designing a “better wheel”.
I listen, evaluate and profile.

But my specialty is understanding things, and making things understandable for others.
I possess an innate ability for figuring out how to do stuff I have absolutely no idea how to do, Pronto.

I am a motivational leader with an excellent understanding of marrying technology with business.

Work morale: Passionate and committed.

Things I like: Team-building, inspiring and encouraging others, challenging myself, Sparking creativity.

Things I don’t like: Work without meaning, ‘meet about meetings’.

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