Are you from a competing QA and Software Testing company?
Then you better Shape UP!

Yes, that’s right. We are openly challenging you. You need to improve your service!

Shareholder value as a mission?

If your goal is only to make profit and bring more value to shareholders, then you, like every other corporation, are in business only for the sake of business. Fine. Nothing wrong with that. We are not here to judge.

But We are here to Challenge You to improve your:

      • Level of Service
      • Prices
      • Skills
      • and to get Passionate about Quality

We want you to help us to fulfill Our Mission Statement:

“To enhance the user experience of computing by ensuring the development of functioning programs”

. . . While you make your shareholders happy.
There are more Software Developers in the world than any one QA company can handle. So come on!

It’s time to Tech UP!

Think you can have an impact? Want to make mutual effort?

Can you grasp the idea of You improving global software quality? If so, Give us a buzz.
The more devoted testers, the bigger the impact. Let’s take the experience of computing to the whole new level.

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