What is it?

The Compatibility of the system/application/website built with various other objects such as other web browsers, hardware platforms, users (in case it’s a very specific type of requirement, such as a user who speaks and can read only a particular language), operating systems etc.

This type of testing helps determine how well a system performs in a particular environment that includes
* hardware,
* network,
* operating system
* and other software etc.

In other words, it is the testing of the application or the product built with the computing environment.
It tests whether the application or the software product built is compatible with the
* hardware,
* operating system,
* database
* or other system software or not.

How is it done?


ecause new application platforms and operating systems are emerging constantly, it is important that applications should run on more than one platform to expand their reach and usage. 6MTech emphasises the opportunities of various software versions on different platforms. We offer testing on a wide range of hardware, software, operating systems and networks to assess how the application performs.

We report the behavior of the software in different environments, and different versions of operating environments that have been established in our testing modules. We also check the installation and uninstallation of software packages for a variety of environments, to ensure the software is loading successfully. At the end of the compatibility test, a complete error report is provided to the customer giving you a view of your application from different angles.

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  • Cross-browser testing

    Many web products are designed for widespread use, often to a global audience, and must therefore run correctly in different browsers. Cross browser testing will ensure that:

    * Users have the same visual experience, regardless of the browser.
    * The application behaves and reacts with the same functionality in different browsers.

    6MTech provides cross-browser testing for number of versions of the most popular and widely-used browsers. A version catalogue is constantly updated and can be limited or expanded depending on the specific needs of the project.

  • Cross-Platform Testing

    A cross-platform test is used to ensure the quality of the final product when it is meant to be used over different types and versions of the operating systems in different countries and languages. Just various versions of the Microsoft Service Packs can dramatically change the behaviour of the final product, so cross-platform testing is very important. Other operating systems also have variations and need to be tested before publishing the final product.

    6MTech can provide cross-platform testing on the following operating systems:
    • Microsoft Windows
    • Mac OSX
    • Linux
    • Unix

Let’s get you working on global scale

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Multiple Device

Newly emerged focus group called multiple device users
More and more ppl own two or more devices on different OSs
Compatibility of your product on all users devices is VERY important

“I would like to formally thank the team at 6MTech for all of their efforts over the years in SIP Testing. The reporting of issues and system functionality were swift and accurate. The team’s actions in determining system performance and their responsiveness toward quickly changing and short term requests were exceptional. Thank You everyone on the 6MTech team for all your hard work and a job well done!”
“We are grateful for all the hard work you put into our projects and especially to your ability to adapt to new customer and project environments. Talking about agile company. Thank you all!”
“After our pilot project (4 years ago) was finished, 1 month before schedule, we moved all our ongoing project to 6MTech. Decision was simple. The level and range of skills their staff poses is mind blowing. The dedication and extra input of the team really came as a surprise. We have not met any another company who offers this high level of service and especially for this price! Now our developers fix the reported bugs in the morning and continue coding. We have experienced drop on time of production and cost + on average we have 91% decline on errors before beta tests.”

What Else? If we can Run it, We can Test it!

If you have a unique project, whether it is technically or otherwise different and list of our test scenarios did not match your need, let us know. We can test anything (and we have). Hence our broad skill guideline:
If we can run it, we can test it.

Provide us with:

  • Hardware needed to run your program for testing
  • Manual or Operating guide to set it up
  • Any possible abnormalities that are “Needed to Know” for testing