6MTech: Possibly The Best Partner To Master Your QA!

Yes that’s right, we can do all your Quality Assurance and Software Testing tasks
Cheaper Really, we can. , Faster We scale-up to meet your needs and More precisely Polished planing and followup method! , while you are sleeping! We are on different Timezone!
Your dev. team will have fresh test reports to go with their morning coffee.

Start receiving your morning reports


Lead. Don't follow

Be the industry leader with the promise of highest software quality possible with on-time and on-budget release.
We can make that happen. We know our craft.
Keep the promises you make.
Test smarter.

Up to 80% Cost Savings

Early bug findings are fast and inexpensive to fix. The later the findings the more time and money is needed.
Find and fix defects before release and save up to 80% of overall cost.

Your bug report

Right skills on demand

It’s not only methodologies and tools or programming languages that make a project successful.

It’s getting the right people, and allowing them to do what they do best.

Competency retainment

Keep your dedicated project crew unchanged and up to speed at all times. Minimise your employee turnover.

We are talking about people here, not just skills.

Got Start Up Business?

Are you an early stage start-up with co founders working and developing the product or have a small team of up to 5-10 developers focused on scaling?
This is The stage Get Bug Free Launch (perfect 1st impression) with lowered cost to make a difference! Risking the quality is not a winning bet to make. Give us a buzz and we will give you a kick start with low price.

How Do We Dedicate To You & to Your Quality?

With over 100 Customer Cases From 2 men startups to global giants and counting, and with 15 years of Experience Deep understanding of the industry in QA we can bet that 6MTech is right choice for you!
We are here to Help You to Keep Your Promises. The Core of our company mission

Software developers spend 50% of their programming time finding and fixing bugs.

This out of scope skill placement leads to huge increase in production time and salary cost.
All these, of course, are taken into account during planning. But the problem is that this is not seen as a problem. There was no other way.
Well now there is.

Our mission is not only to tackle that problem head to head but to Clash with it.

On average we can provide 50% reduction in QA costs, or alternatively 200% more QA resources for the same cost.

W e will dedicate a highly focused team to you, a team tailored to match your needs.

In its heart, 6MTech is a QA service provider, with unrelenting focus on optimal Quality Assurance and software testing. Our success depends on your success.

We are clear in our vision of building a QA engineering powerhouse, and we do not get involved in activities that are not our core competence.
We ensure your products work as you have promised.
Our Quality Assurance service delivers 100% ROI.

Our Company Mission
To enhance the user experience of computing by ensuring the development of functioning programs.
6MTech Philosophy
Testing = communicating. Simplify all processes by removing jargon. Present Information, not only data. Make things understandable for others.
6MTech Promise
We help you to keep your promise!
As an independent test services firm, we are always looking for ways to improve your business and make it more cost effective. We work closely with your team to ensure you deliver on time and on budget.
6MTech Principle
If we can run it, we can test it!
If you have a unique testing need and we have not listed services that fully hit the target, let us know. We can test anything (and we have). Hence our principle: If we can run it, we can test it!

If you always do as you always did.
You will always get what you always got.
- Albert Einstein

And then you patch it with a $Buck
- COB, 6MTech

Solutions by role: We all have a job to do

  • CEO/Board: Develop, produce and create more. Pay less. Expand your service range by Investing Zero: 0€. The outsourcing model of 6MTech allows you to retain your Core Competence in-house and externalize only the non-essential tasks. The Bulk. You will have full control of all task distribution, cost and dev. of your own team at all times. Your core competence will remain in-house with greatly increased amount of time to invest on dev.
  • CFO: Our 100% transparent pricing allows you to control your expenses and have no surprises or hidden costs. On average we provide 50% reduction on staff cost (vs in-house QA). Due to our international presence you will receive one VAT 0% monthly invoice and pay 0 government mandated employee costs. => 100% ROI.
  • CTO: 10th level geeks are not only hard to find but once found they are hard to keep. Everybody wants them. Sustainable core staff is essential to any tech company. We give you abundance of skill to pick from and provide the needed sustainability to see your project through with Quality. Hassle and bug free. Welcome to your virtual techlab.

Why “Tech it Up”? One solution to many problems.

lightbox title
  • HRM: Responsibility for employee starts during 1st interview. With us it ends there. You will be presented every person we see fit to your needs and you get to choose the best ones. After that ALL HR responsibilities are on us.
  • Team Management: First line of command. Scarcity on skilled staff? Time pressure? Budget control? What if you got 200% out of your current team by removing all non-dev. tasks 50% of the time you are responsible for, namely QA? Those tasks are our core competence. And we excel on them. We’ll be part of your daily team. Only remote. -Just Code-

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It. Let’s See What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say

We offer Yep, we certainly do! , not only QA services for your in-house needs, but also service partnership program We strive to excel in service and as a Provider to compliment your range of services.
ZERO investment 0 €

“I would like to formally thank the team at 6MTech for all of their efforts over the years in SIP Testing. The reporting of issues and system functionality were swift and accurate. The team’s actions in determining system performance and their responsiveness toward quickly changing and short term requests were exceptional. Thank You everyone on the 6MTech team for all your hard work and a job well done!”
Victor, Movial Applications Oy
“We are grateful for all the hard work you put into our projects and especially to your ability to adapt to new customer and project environments. Talking about agile company. Thank you all!”
Pasi, Titania Internet Ventures Plc
“After our pilot project was finished, 1 month ahead of schedule, we moved all our ongoing projects to 6MTech. The decision was simple. The level and range of skills their staff possesses is mind blowing. The dedication and extra input of the team was a nice surprise and we have not met any another company who offers this high level of service for this price. Now our developers fix the reported bugs in the morning and continue coding. We have experienced drop in time of production and cost and on average we have 91% decline in errors before beta tests.”
Jussi, Suomen Mediatoimisto
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You can add Top Level QA and Software Testing skills to your list of services.
An additional sales item to complement your skill range with, again, Zero investment.
Think about it.

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